Sunday, 12 January 2014

[VG] Introducing My First Competitive Team on XY

The blog wasn't supposed to be in-game only, and now, also with the US Regionals for XY kicking off, is a good time to start bringing content related to the official VG Standard format. This weekend, I played in the Inoffizielle Deutsche Meisterschaft 2014, which is with 306 participants the biggest online Pokémon live tournament both Germany and Europe have ever seen. (For reference, the top 32 thread.) Also, congratulations to Naruto Uzumaki 97 (bad name, why do tournament winners always have bad names) for taking it all, as well as 13Yoshi37 for making the finals, reigning World Champion Mean for taking 3rd place and all the rest that did well!

For me, it unfortunately didn't go too well... Got a tough second-round group and ended up just going 1-2 in it and be eliminated. That's the way of the IDM sometimes/always, and eventually it just had to hit me rather than other people again. I'll probably write a short team analysis and report soon, but before that I think I deserve at least a half week break from this game, so whatever. This is what I used in overview, my very first team on XY. Take care.

@ Tyranitarite
~ Rock Slide
~ Crunch
~ Dragon Dance
~ Protect
@ Sitrus Berry
~ Psychic
~ Charm
~ Light Screen
~ Safeguard
@ Choice Band
~ Sucker Punch
~ Iron Head
~ Night Slash
~ Brick Break
@ Gyaradosite
~ Waterfall
~ Earthquake
~ Dragon Dance
~ Protect
@ Occa Berry
~ Giga Drain
~ Spore
~ Rage Powder
~ Protect
@ Choice Specs
~ Thunderbolt
~ Overheat
~ Hidden Power (Ice)
~ Volt Switch

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  1. man mir reichert mit dir etzertla... wann endlich volle vorstellung!