Friday, 26 June 2015

[VG] Salamence and Minions: A Tragedy in Five Acts

(Artist: XxGingerSharkxX)

Hello friends. Out of those five acts lined out in the title, we're in fact looking at four of them in this entry. The fifth would be German Nationals, and I'd rather have that in an extra article. (Although that's where the real tragedy actually unfolds...) This leaves us at four teams with minor changes between them for this time, and short accounts on my tournament experiences will round it out.

Friday, 19 June 2015

[VG] Early Heatran/Amoonguss Semi-TR

All right, as announced last time, now it's finally time to actually post some teams, now that my season is effectively over. For now, I'm releasing them in chronological order, but this might change if I feel like it. So we're still looking at a team that should be considered as early-in-the-format, having used it in late February and early March, where it already felt a bit old at times. However, parts of it have remained in my teams for most of the season, much notably the Salamence and even more notably...the freaking Amoonguss.

As for results, I brought this to the one International Challenge that didn't yet award CP. I ended up getting 1st place in Germany (well, but no one took the thing any seriously) with a record of 24-6 and missed top 50 in the world by 3 rating points. Afterwards, I brought it to a Premier Challenge and got a then usable 20 CP with it from a really weird run, won my Nugget Bridge Major match of the week and top cut a NB Live. Can't complain!

Monday, 15 June 2015

[VG] Wearing the Ferrothorn Crown -- A "Short" 2015 Season Report

Hello friends, just came back from the last Nationals and...sadly have to say this year is over for me now. I'll be finishing at 300 Championship Points plus whatever I may get from the International Challenge in two weeks. This post tells a bit about how I got there, and then some other things I experienced or noticed.