Friday, 27 December 2013

[VG] A Bad Team for Battle Maison

It's been a while. Playing games and writing about games at the same time is hard. I'll have to rethink whether I actually finish this other series as originally intended or just make some kind of summary, whatever, for the rest. Anyhow, time for some Maison now. Since I want to get those battle videos out already, I also need the team analyses to support them.

Today's team will probably be the least interesting, really, because I think it's bad, and undeniably it's old. I've learned a lot about it using it, so maybe that will be helpful to someone else that is fool enough to start out with similar ideas.

Friday, 25 October 2013

[VG] First Game Lost, Two More to Go (Pokémon Y Blind Nuzlocke Part 1)

(Artist: H-appysorry)

I am a terrible game 1 player, I lose a lot of them. If there were second and third chances to everything in the world, life might be not far from awesome. But the reality is... oh well, subject change! The title is in fact a reference to what was supposed to be my blind White 2 Nuzlocke Challenge: Game Over at Cheren – Work Up Lillipup was too much for my poor party not getting STAB on fuckin' Tackle. Now Pokémon X and Y have arrived two weeks ago, and not surprisingly, I totally want to get my revenge. Spoiler alert says that I've survived the first gym this time, so hopefully this won't be as pointless. In fact, I promise you it won't.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

[Misc] Don't Forget to Follow @1Weltall on Twitter!

This was overdue for a bit, but here it is, my official Twitter! I will be using it to advertise new blog entries as well as what it's generally good for, I guess. Speaking of new entries, the first part of my blind Nuzlocke log (pun not intended, huh) will go live on Friday, and the following parts will be released around 1–3 per week (depending on my progress with everything). Take care!

Friday, 11 October 2013

[Misc] Hello World

(Artist: Rene-Elric)

All right, let's try this. I am I~Weltall, the trainer formerly known as Fatum, and this shall be the new place for my ramblings that you maybe wanna read. You may know me from my Gen-V-and-earlier German blog, my work on Nugget Bridge, my awkward-quality YouTube videos, some real-life tournaments or maybe it's just the Internet search engine of your choice that has brought you here (well, maybe not now, but you get the point). I'm one of those people that are pretty much way too old for this game and I could talk hours, if not days or weeks about what I have experienced in playing Pokémon for more than 13 years, but that would be boring. Instead, let's talk about what you can expect on my new blog.