Monday, 21 December 2015

[VG] Ending 2015 with Some Semblance of 2014

Hello world. I played my first two proper local Premier Challenges of this season throughout the weekend just passed. On Saturday, I won the thing, re-using my sucessful Regionals team unchanged. On Sunday, I entered with an even more experimental upgrade and I got no more than a pretty forgettable 2-2 Swiss (with amazing resistance actually, because 3/4 of my opponents made top cut on that day, haha). Everyone has their bad days from time to time, you know. I'm sharing this team here today anyway because I think it's interesting and maybe it even has potential -- things that could all be interesting to the suffering souls that are travelling to Leiden!

But before I actually delve into that, and with Nugget Bridge being not as fast as I had hoped... It makes sense to at least release a Pastebin of what's potentially the best team I have ever made, as it brought me to 2/2 tournament wins with an absolutely amazing combined 17-2 games record. The according Report will be released whenever NB is finally up to the task, but since that likely won't be in time anymore, you can ask me things via Twitter if you're interested to run this or a variation in Leiden. And with that out of the goes nothing with the fake 2014 team:

Friday, 11 December 2015

[VG] An Overview of Viable Non-Restricted Pokémon in the Upcoming Format

Hello World. With the initial content mainly focusing on the restricted but still emphasizing the importance of the non-restricted (for obvious reasons, you're gonna have 4 of them no matter what), I thought it couldn't hurt to scroll through the Pokédex a bit. What I've come up with is in no way the definite list or something naturally and I may have completely overlooked stuff. Anyway, here goes nothing.

Monday, 30 November 2015

[VG] Don't Call It a Comeback (Berlin Regionals Replays and Aftermath)

Hello friends. What even was this weekend... I pretty much bombed the PC and then went on to win the Regional. At no point in this I was feeling really good about what I was doing, but in the past, when I did feel good about my team decisions and stuff, terrible things happened. What a silly plot twist. If someone wrote this as a novel or something, they'd get all sorts of shit flung at them.

Monday, 12 October 2015

[VG] Dreykopff Explains the Game: Mirror Matches

(Artist: EvilQueenie)

Hello Internet users,

time to start a new series...or fail it. We'll see. You know, posting teams/reports exclusively gets boring at some point, and I always liked to mix different stuff in as well. The title I chose for it probably is half ironic and half serious -- who am I to explain this game to anyone anyway, with my various accomplishments that I never had? Anyway, this series targets any players from bad over good to excellent and it's entirely up to you what you're supposed to take away from those rants. If you agree with me, that's cool, but if you completely disagree, that's fine as well (please try to get some discussion going in that case though!).

That being said...let's have a deep look into the mirror!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

[VG] Landos Verrat: Top 4 Nugget Bridge Invitational Team and Report

(Artist: HaleysRedComet)

Hello friends. I guess here's another blog entry from that guy who is so fucking behind, he can still only play "Cybersand". *cough* As it turns out, I in fact ripped off yet another Cybertron lineup and improved it again. And I did some nice work with it, first destroying Battle Spot with almost a 90% win ratio from 1500 to 1900 (the best I ever had!) and then, as the title says, winning a few pocket nuggets with it. I'd say that's totally all right!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

[VG] CP Scales Revamped + Arena Cup Würzburg Top 16 Report

Hello Interest of Nets. Before leaving, I was actually gonna write another entry to basically revoke most of the things explained in the previous one -- didn't work with my priorities, so whatever. You shouldn't have missed that giant wave of relief anyway (and if you actually did...dang, should have been at least a small bit more patient!). With the updated numbers on the same page as before, we are looking at what could possibly be not the worst but the best season we ever had.

And this new season now has officially started for all the Germans who didn't undergo Operation Boston Open Head-Start™ earlier. Also, I played my very first Regional ever on this past Saturday. I will tell you the story of that one now. The photo above is the team I entered it with, and it is exactly the same as the one I posted on here a while ago. I only changed the nicknames. And maybe Amoonguss's Ability to Effect Spore. Or maybe not. It's a secret (I have forgotten).

Saturday, 29 August 2015

[VG] Get First or Get Lost!

(Artist: R-SRaven)

Hello Internet. The new season structure is partly out, rest of it will hopefully follow Soon™. The good news: a CP bar for Worlds qualification and likely more events for Europe. The bad news: everything else... This season literally looked amazing upon the first leaks and changed to Hell in a matter of few hours. Guess I'll talk about it a bit.

Friday, 7 August 2015

[VG] 2015 June International Challenge Recap

Hello friends. I don't have a clue if anyone actually noticed, but yes, I've fallen behind in releasing my teams a bit these last weeks -- let's say purposely so. The most interesting stuff I have posted after all, and all that is left is a bunch of unfinished or simply bad teams. I will get to posting them...eventually. But for now, I've actually been getting back into playing this game recently. There's one last inofficial tourney left to play that I don't really know if I care about it at all, but soon after, there will hopefully be the new season. The post-Nats depression hasn't killed my lust for revenge, and revenge will probably...hopefully...maybe start in September.

Ok whatever, ignore this dreamer's words on a distant future. What I'm actually here for now is to simply repost some stuff from this tourney mentioned in the title. If you have read my post on Nugget Bridge already, you won't find anything new here except for the final result and what I think about it. I'm doing this mostly for the record and because there's probably some interesting stuff among it, but it's hard to find in a long ass forum thread like that.

Friday, 24 July 2015

[VG] A Diamond in Hills of Sand

(click to enlarge)

Hello friends. This is it, my final team for the season as far as CP events go. At the same time, it's my best not only for the year but quite a long time instead. I'd have really loved to present it on Nugget Bridge, but alas, the results, the bloody results... Italian Nationals would actually have been a top cut appearance at the very least, but as you all know, I fucked up in the silliest way possible. This is not the team's fault. Then there also was the June International Challenge, which I probably would have had to win in order for anyone to care -- I lost a few close games too many, and thus finished thirtysomethingth globally, at a flat 80% win ratio with 24-6. Again, it's not the team's fault when I make a wrong play in literally one turn and end up losing just because of it. A team isn't there to hold your hands or something -- you are the Trainer, and the Trainer makes the decisions. With this one, I personally am enabled to make the best decisions.

Well, that's probably already more introductory rambling than there should be, really. Let's get going!

Friday, 17 July 2015

[VG] Quicksand Experiments (Featuring Togekiss)

(Artist: EnyaAdiemus)

Hello friends. I could have made another pun title here, but...sorry, no, not this time. I don't think this team is outright terrible or something -- it just ended up not being what I specifically wanted from my team. Thus, I didn't bring it to any bigger tournament. But still, I think the idea may be worth exploring a bit more, so here it is for anyone who needs some inspiration.

Friday, 10 July 2015

[VG] Azumarill Quicksand

(Artist: Syrabi)

Hello friends. Japan sand time. As a good introduction before my own introduction, I recommend you be familiar with what actually was a thing in Japan. The team I'm showing you this time consists of the same 6 but I tampered with the sets a bit.

Friday, 3 July 2015

[VG] At the Point of No Return

(Artist: Chenks-R)

Time for the tragedy's fifth act. You can read the previous four acts (in other words, the previous article) to get a better picture of the whole story, but I'll treat most of this here is if the other article didn't exist, as in, I'm repeating explanations on EVs and stuff. With that out of the way, let's just get into it.

Friday, 26 June 2015

[VG] Salamence and Minions: A Tragedy in Five Acts

(Artist: XxGingerSharkxX)

Hello friends. Out of those five acts lined out in the title, we're in fact looking at four of them in this entry. The fifth would be German Nationals, and I'd rather have that in an extra article. (Although that's where the real tragedy actually unfolds...) This leaves us at four teams with minor changes between them for this time, and short accounts on my tournament experiences will round it out.

Friday, 19 June 2015

[VG] Early Heatran/Amoonguss Semi-TR

All right, as announced last time, now it's finally time to actually post some teams, now that my season is effectively over. For now, I'm releasing them in chronological order, but this might change if I feel like it. So we're still looking at a team that should be considered as early-in-the-format, having used it in late February and early March, where it already felt a bit old at times. However, parts of it have remained in my teams for most of the season, much notably the Salamence and even more notably...the freaking Amoonguss.

As for results, I brought this to the one International Challenge that didn't yet award CP. I ended up getting 1st place in Germany (well, but no one took the thing any seriously) with a record of 24-6 and missed top 50 in the world by 3 rating points. Afterwards, I brought it to a Premier Challenge and got a then usable 20 CP with it from a really weird run, won my Nugget Bridge Major match of the week and top cut a NB Live. Can't complain!

Monday, 15 June 2015

[VG] Wearing the Ferrothorn Crown -- A "Short" 2015 Season Report

Hello friends, just came back from the last Nationals and...sadly have to say this year is over for me now. I'll be finishing at 300 Championship Points plus whatever I may get from the International Challenge in two weeks. This post tells a bit about how I got there, and then some other things I experienced or noticed.

Monday, 27 April 2015

[VG] Usage Statistics and Analysis: Premier Challenge 2015-04-25, Berlin, DE

BIG DATA time! Well, actually not. I just collected the team lists from the latest Berlin Premier Challenge and made some stats. It was fun, might do that every time from now. Somewhat having regrets for not starting this earlier, because this one probably wasn't the best day to do it. The competition was a bit watered down with various strong Trainers not attending this time, and a few others decided to just have some fun or simply experiment around rather than trying their hardest to get the win. There are some things that didn't change at all though: Our favorite Megas are Salamence and Gardevoir. (And Kangaskhan is actually used more than Gardevoir, but Kangaskhan rarely does well.)

We had 14 Masters, 1 Senior and 2 Juniors. I excluded no minor Division data because I'd say the Junior teams are legitimately more viable than what I'd say is the worst submitted Master team. So all right, let's have a look at what was (not) used!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

[VG] Greninja: Love It or Hate It

(Artist: frostystar)

What in the hell, two articles on here within one week, really? Jesus fucking Christ, what am I doing with my life!? Well, this is literally what spontaneous writing and spontaneous writing only does for you.

Anyway, this one... It's a rant for sure, but I better try to keep serious for the most part because serious intentions actually are what laid the foundation to this happening to begin with. As the title says, it's about Greninja. As the title says, some love it. As the title says, some hate it. Where put me into those groups? You probably know very well from my tone, oh sure you do...

Monday, 16 February 2015

[VG] Figuring Out Megawaifu Is Hard

(Artist: Kboomz)

Hello friends, another big weekend of Pokémon just done. The USA had their Winter Regionals and I was playing in yet another one of the BisaBoard Opens -- I ended up making top 8 this time, though I have dropped the team I'm showing to you now right at the end of day 1 already. As nice as it would have been to finally try it out in Bo3s, I wasn't feeling it. Anyway, not too high-level of an article today, just sharing my mostly first draft of a Mega Gardevoir archetype with you, what is good about it and what I hate about it. I think this stuff has potential and could totally be strong in the late season -- just needs some / a lot of work, really.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

[VG] Blunderstomp or Get Blunderstomped

Hello friends, happy new year and format if you care about these sayings. Just some rambling today. Nothing that will change the Pokémon world -- if anything, only stuff to let you know it better. Have some fun music if you like.

(The song I just linked happens to be about people who dwell on the past forever. People have insinuated that I seem to be lost in 2009 forever or something, and it's no lie that I did see better times for me (way) in the past... Well, more on that later in this post!)