Monday, 30 November 2015

[VG] Don't Call It a Comeback (Berlin Regionals Replays and Aftermath)

Hello friends. What even was this weekend... I pretty much bombed the PC and then went on to win the Regional. At no point in this I was feeling really good about what I was doing, but in the past, when I did feel good about my team decisions and stuff, terrible things happened. What a silly plot twist. If someone wrote this as a novel or something, they'd get all sorts of shit flung at them.

Anyway, whatever. It was fun, it was great and it was...a day of playing Pokémon. For your viewing pleasure (or disgust!??), I saved all the replays. The semifinal will go onto YouTube later, the Swiss rounds probably not.

R1: Sy Thai Ducng N. [L] 3FQG-WWWW-WW36-ASHP
R2: Tristan S. [W] GRQG-WWWW-WW36-ASJ4
R3: Dominik G. [W] GB4G-WWWW-WW36-ASLW
R4: Yassine B. [W] 8V7G-WWWW-WW36-ASM5
R5: Steven M. (Kali) [W] NHWG-WWWW-WW36-ASZW
R6: Stephan A. (appi) [W] MK7W-WWWW-WW36-AST2
R7: Daniel T. (Esco) [W] Q6PG-WWWW-WW36-ASTR

Top 4: Szymon W. (Szymoninho, blog) [WW]

Final: Matthias S. (Lega) [WW]

As for the team, Amigo released the top 4 team lists on their usual blog. If you're looking for explanations and/or have questions, please be patient. The Report on Nugget Bridge is in the works (also, as of writing this, I'm still looking for an artist to create the article artwork!). The team is decent, I guess, but it's absolutely not the best that the metagame has to offer right now.

And what's next, I legitimately don't know. If last year is any indicator, nothing's next. Absolutely none of the European Regional Champions back then won a travel award to Worlds. I'm not too unlikely to follow this tradition, and then it will pretty much be just one day of glory but completely useless in the grand scheme of things. My position with my entire 242 CP out of just two Regionals is pretty solid though, it's probably safe to assume that I'll add a few more to them eventually and it should safely turn into a day-1 invite, if those are anything like last year. A day-1 invite that I still wouldn't use. Naturally it takes much more to get a trip than just winning a Regional, and the spots are very limited.

Some words on the remainder of the pre-season, anyway, Germany should probably get two more Regionals, and I'm going to attend both of them to hopefully get a nice third result for finishing up my Regionals record. And then in between all that stuff, there's still Premier Challenges pending. It looks like we will finally get started with having our local events again. Gotta catch up to those quick CP farmers that are populating most of the first page of the leaderboard, you know. ツ

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