Friday, 24 July 2015

[VG] A Diamond in Hills of Sand

(click to enlarge)

Hello friends. This is it, my final team for the season as far as CP events go. At the same time, it's my best not only for the year but quite a long time instead. I'd have really loved to present it on Nugget Bridge, but alas, the results, the bloody results... Italian Nationals would actually have been a top cut appearance at the very least, but as you all know, I fucked up in the silliest way possible. This is not the team's fault. Then there also was the June International Challenge, which I probably would have had to win in order for anyone to care -- I lost a few close games too many, and thus finished thirtysomethingth globally, at a flat 80% win ratio with 24-6. Again, it's not the team's fault when I make a wrong play in literally one turn and end up losing just because of it. A team isn't there to hold your hands or something -- you are the Trainer, and the Trainer makes the decisions. With this one, I personally am enabled to make the best decisions.

Well, that's probably already more introductory rambling than there should be, really. Let's get going!

Friday, 17 July 2015

[VG] Quicksand Experiments (Featuring Togekiss)

(Artist: EnyaAdiemus)

Hello friends. I could have made another pun title here, but...sorry, no, not this time. I don't think this team is outright terrible or something -- it just ended up not being what I specifically wanted from my team. Thus, I didn't bring it to any bigger tournament. But still, I think the idea may be worth exploring a bit more, so here it is for anyone who needs some inspiration.

Friday, 10 July 2015

[VG] Azumarill Quicksand

(Artist: Syrabi)

Hello friends. Japan sand time. As a good introduction before my own introduction, I recommend you be familiar with what actually was a thing in Japan. The team I'm showing you this time consists of the same 6 but I tampered with the sets a bit.

Friday, 3 July 2015

[VG] At the Point of No Return

(Artist: Chenks-R)

Time for the tragedy's fifth act. You can read the previous four acts (in other words, the previous article) to get a better picture of the whole story, but I'll treat most of this here is if the other article didn't exist, as in, I'm repeating explanations on EVs and stuff. With that out of the way, let's just get into it.