Sunday, 24 August 2014

[VG] There's a Traitor Amoonguss

(Artist: Celestial-Moo)

Hello post-Worlds depressive Pookaymanz out there. If someone asked me, what are the worst mons I've ever used, Amoonguss would probably be a big favorite to win this contest. It used to be a thing of bias, personal habits and what have you, but just recently, it turns out I haven't been wrong at all with my thinking that Amoonguss sucks. Here comes the rant about why this is the case and why I've randomly seen it coming from miles away! The article is going to have a chronological structure by formats, so we're starting with its introduction and ending with... its downfall.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

[VG] MEGAFUCKINGTAR ANNIVERSARY POST – an Informal Mega Tyranitar Analysis

(Artist: Soleviatis)

...We have somehow survived a full season with it, that totally counts as a year! Anyway, this entry is mostly about what basically was my Mega choice for the whole season and why I still think it's the best choice – for me at least. Following this will be entries featuring the more important teams I used throughout the season, hoping I'm done with them by Christmas or so.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

[VG] Introducing the Anti-Talonflame

(Artist: ColonelCheru)

Well, this blog could totally use more actual Pokémon stuff... For the Nugget Bridge Invitational (please let's not talk about my showing, haha), I have in fact cooked up a little something that is pretty interesting. I shall apologize beforehand if this has been done before to this extent, but because I've been a bit out of the loop for my period of inactivity after Bochum, there's hardly a way for me to notice – and then I just searched through the places I knew, where no one seemed to have my idea before me. I find it somewhat surprising, because it's really no rocket-science... Anyway, the Anti-Talonflame. That's what I call this device that is nothing more than a Talonflame, first and foremost, that is designed to never lose Talonflame mirrors without giving up too much of its defining properties outside of that job.