Saturday, 5 November 2016

[VG] Trainer Dreykopff Chooses Death

Hello friends. It's been an open secret ever since London was announced, but now it's time to make it absolutely official to the world: VGC has lost me for the time being. I will not be competing in the official Championships for an indefinite amount of time. If that's all you wanted to see, you can leave and party hard now. That's the tl;dr.

For those who still want to read up on the details, unfortunately I need to start with a disclaimer. I still remember how my good pal Adib went just a little overboard expressing his opinion on Twitter and then got harsh reactions by the usual mob for it. Not much later, he deleted his Twitter. If these two events are connected or not, I can just speculate right now, but for sure as hell it reminds me to make one thing clear before I start my rant: you are free people, so you are free to make whatever the fuck you want out of this circuit. I am free to disapprove of any of your decisions but I am not telling you what to do. Note the difference.

Monday, 24 October 2016

[VG] A Devil's Pact -- A Groudon/Yveltal Team Analysis

Hello world. Just yesterday, I've randomed my ass throughwon my first Premier Challenge of the season, and this post will focus on the team I brought. I probably have about as much to write about the circuit we currently have and I'll definitely do that too, just...not right now. That will have to wait for another day. Team report just before going into the last month of VGC 2016 it is.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

[VG] 2016 German Nationals Aftermath

Hello world. The actual report with all the Pokémon stuff etc. will have to wait for a few more weeks, but there is some other, more informal stuff I'd like to just get out of my system. It was a Nats different than all I've played before and in many ways. I shall keep it in good memory.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

[VG] Team Building Goals, 2016 Edition

Hello friends. As I start writing this, I don't even have too much of an idea yet where this is gonna be going in some aspects. Anyway, two months and a few into the format, we have all had our fair share of experience with it and some teams. Looking at my own experience, I can only say that some things will always be the same, haha. So this will be just some informal article about what I personally look for in my teams and why I want it like that. This is in no way the holy grail to the metagame or something, just personal observations, opinions and preferences.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

[VG] RIP Some More Teams

This bitch's been lying around here for a while now, so let's just get this off my chest, I guess. Anyway, there will be nothing overly important in this post. If you're looking for somewhat important stuff, go read my Innsbruck Regionals report instead. This post basically covers all events leading up to that Regional.

Monday, 25 January 2016

[VG] I Somehow Won Another PC

Hello friends. Just played a weekend of PCs, again went pretty much just as this chaotic format really goes. I won the Saturday event with a mostly standard Xerneas team on a 6-2 (9-4) record, and I got last freaking place at the Sunday event with a different team that I'm obviously not posting here (which also happened to be my first ever negative record at an official event, fun fact). Happy reading! *cough*

Sunday, 17 January 2016

[VG] Nugget Bridge 2.0 and First 2016 Victorious PC Team

Hello friends. I've played my first Premier Challenge of this format a week ago. It was somewhat resembling of Regionals: I felt shit going into it, then I played, and then I took first fucking place. Looking forward to all the tournaments not won when I'm actually feeling good...weeelll, what might help me in that regard is that there's a realistic chance that I'm just never feeling good this year. That's just what a nice new format we have! *cough*

Anyway, before you actually read further in this, you might want to check out the two articles I posted on Nugget Bridge recently, which are first my Regionals report and second a new entry of Dreykopff Explains the Game. The latter also has a few bits about the PC I'm talking about, so I'm not gonna repeat that stuff here and just show and explain the team.