Monday, 27 April 2015

[VG] Usage Statistics and Analysis: Premier Challenge 2015-04-25, Berlin, DE

BIG DATA time! Well, actually not. I just collected the team lists from the latest Berlin Premier Challenge and made some stats. It was fun, might do that every time from now. Somewhat having regrets for not starting this earlier, because this one probably wasn't the best day to do it. The competition was a bit watered down with various strong Trainers not attending this time, and a few others decided to just have some fun or simply experiment around rather than trying their hardest to get the win. There are some things that didn't change at all though: Our favorite Megas are Salamence and Gardevoir. (And Kangaskhan is actually used more than Gardevoir, but Kangaskhan rarely does well.)

We had 14 Masters, 1 Senior and 2 Juniors. I excluded no minor Division data because I'd say the Junior teams are legitimately more viable than what I'd say is the worst submitted Master team. So all right, let's have a look at what was (not) used!