Monday, 21 December 2015

[VG] Ending 2015 with Some Semblance of 2014

Hello world. I played my first two proper local Premier Challenges of this season throughout the weekend just passed. On Saturday, I won the thing, re-using my sucessful Regionals team unchanged. On Sunday, I entered with an even more experimental upgrade and I got no more than a pretty forgettable 2-2 Swiss (with amazing resistance actually, because 3/4 of my opponents made top cut on that day, haha). Everyone has their bad days from time to time, you know. I'm sharing this team here today anyway because I think it's interesting and maybe it even has potential -- things that could all be interesting to the suffering souls that are travelling to Leiden!

But before I actually delve into that, and with Nugget Bridge being not as fast as I had hoped... It makes sense to at least release a Pastebin of what's potentially the best team I have ever made, as it brought me to 2/2 tournament wins with an absolutely amazing combined 17-2 games record. The according Report will be released whenever NB is finally up to the task, but since that likely won't be in time anymore, you can ask me things via Twitter if you're interested to run this or a variation in Leiden. And with that out of the goes nothing with the fake 2014 team:

Friday, 11 December 2015

[VG] An Overview of Viable Non-Restricted Pokémon in the Upcoming Format

Hello World. With the initial content mainly focusing on the restricted but still emphasizing the importance of the non-restricted (for obvious reasons, you're gonna have 4 of them no matter what), I thought it couldn't hurt to scroll through the Pokédex a bit. What I've come up with is in no way the definite list or something naturally and I may have completely overlooked stuff. Anyway, here goes nothing.