Saturday, 21 February 2015

[VG] Greninja: Love It or Hate It

(Artist: frostystar)

What in the hell, two articles on here within one week, really? Jesus fucking Christ, what am I doing with my life!? Well, this is literally what spontaneous writing and spontaneous writing only does for you.

Anyway, this one... It's a rant for sure, but I better try to keep serious for the most part because serious intentions actually are what laid the foundation to this happening to begin with. As the title says, it's about Greninja. As the title says, some love it. As the title says, some hate it. Where put me into those groups? You probably know very well from my tone, oh sure you do...

Monday, 16 February 2015

[VG] Figuring Out Megawaifu Is Hard

(Artist: Kboomz)

Hello friends, another big weekend of Pokémon just done. The USA had their Winter Regionals and I was playing in yet another one of the BisaBoard Opens -- I ended up making top 8 this time, though I have dropped the team I'm showing to you now right at the end of day 1 already. As nice as it would have been to finally try it out in Bo3s, I wasn't feeling it. Anyway, not too high-level of an article today, just sharing my mostly first draft of a Mega Gardevoir archetype with you, what is good about it and what I hate about it. I think this stuff has potential and could totally be strong in the late season -- just needs some / a lot of work, really.