Friday, 11 October 2013

[Misc] Hello World

(Artist: Rene-Elric)

All right, let's try this. I am I~Weltall, the trainer formerly known as Fatum, and this shall be the new place for my ramblings that you maybe wanna read. You may know me from my Gen-V-and-earlier German blog, my work on Nugget Bridge, my awkward-quality YouTube videos, some real-life tournaments or maybe it's just the Internet search engine of your choice that has brought you here (well, maybe not now, but you get the point). I'm one of those people that are pretty much way too old for this game and I could talk hours, if not days or weeks about what I have experienced in playing Pokémon for more than 13 years, but that would be boring. Instead, let's talk about what you can expect on my new blog.

Captain Obvious says: a title. This blog needs a title. The URL that just references my user name stands as it is, but somehow I really missed thinking about a title when brooding over the overall concept. Well, that small detail shall not hold us back now, so I'm tentatively going with a title that just states what exactly this site is. I will eventually come up with something more creative, but I will be playing the new game first. Whatever happens in there will pretty much decide whether it will be something related to it – if not, it just will be something timeless that is a bit older.

So now actually on topic, what is supposed to happen here... Well, first, it will be my blog for all things Pokémon that don't have a place elsewhere. Elsewhere is: Nugget Bridge, where the super serious and super professional stuff goes, if you will. Elsewhere is also: that still running German blog mentioned earlier – it shall cover all I have to say on older generations, so this here will be clean XY and possibly all that comes after that. I'm pretty excited for XY and I'm not too fond of “tainting” that excitement with overly mixed content. Second, I will use it to advertise some of my Pokémon-related work in other places and to occasionally advertise other people's stuff which I like as well.

Here's an informal list of content that you can expect for the remainder of 2013:

  • Playthrough stuff, as casual as it sounds. Not sure yet if I'll make this a blind Nuzlocke, mono-type or something else silly. With that global release, this is a game that isn't going to be dissected long before we actually get to play it, just like good old Red and Blue basically, so I want to seize this chance and actually have fun discovering a new world, pretty much. If you for some reason get the game way later and don't want to be spoiled, don't read for now!
  • I will have initial comments on Pokémon and emerging battling concepts as the new Pokédex develops, possibly paving the way to the North American Winter Regionals.
  • I might also be doing team building stuff, not sure on that yet though.
  • TCG stuff might also eventually make its way onto here (that's also what this part before the actual post title is for; blog might not be VG-exclusive). Though, that's still quite some time till then. The XY base set will be released as late as February, and I won't be playing before that.

Additionally, some other things that might or might not happen at some point, read further:

  • Occasional guest entries are one thing that I would definitely like to include if this blog gets the level of attention I want. It's hard to say much about that as it is now, but generally, if you think you have something interesting to say but feel like it's not suitable for Nugget Bridge, tell me about it. This could for example be stuff like a team analysis and tournament report in an alternative format (the leading German communities are somewhat big on alternative formats and that's also a part of my very own heritage, so of course I'd still support them in some way), an interesting rogue strategy or whatever, just make suggestions as they come up. Speaking of Germany, this also goes to those Germans who feel like their English isn't good enough – if the article in itself is good enough, I'll be willing to translate it and give you some appreciation beyond national-linguistic boundaries.
  • Live streams are an awkward thing for now. I'm generally interested in doing some, but I must admit that having usually less than 200 viewers on Nugget Bridge streams and around 300 max on The Top Cut streams while Pokémon speedrunners get thousands makes it look to me like it wouldn't be worth it. I have no idea where that huge gap comes from, but if something miraculous happens that mitigates this gap, who knows... But until then, the text format and the text format alone will do.
  • What is definitely not happening is a forum. Pokémon suffers a lot from split communities, this problem will not be solved any time soon and I'm in no way advocating it. The community that I support is obviously Nugget Bridge. All that we need here for similar functionality are the comments under every entry, and I want to encourage you in participating there.

With all that out of the way, there's a few more things worth knowing. Man, I must look like a total list maniac, but don't worry, I'm not really...

  • Well, you know, I like to ramble a lot, it's a painful habit, and you're basically seeing it right here. I'm going to try to find a recipe to make my musings more enjoyable and less painful, I promise.
  • Second language, stupid language. I have been taught British English in school but the Internet and the world happen to be mostly American English. I expect my language to be mindbogglingly mixed in the views of native speakers and I hereby apologize for that – I just can't do anything about it. It's understandability what matters the most for me, because I want people from all over the world to read my blog, simple as that.
  • Need an artist to make this site look more beautiful. What I need is pretty much a few uniform buttons (can't really use free ones because they obviously wouldn't have Nugget Bridge), a background and a header. If you are interested in doing at least one of these things for me, let me know via the comments, forum PM or the soon to be revealed Twitter.
  • Parental advisory incoming: Pokémon may only faint for you, but sometimes I will straight kill them and dance with their dead bodies, no regrets. Also, I accept only one way of having Grimer fights, and these are totally allowed to happen on tournament ground!

So that shall be it for this very introductional entry. Now let's all have fun with the new games. Take care!

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