Tuesday, 7 January 2014

[VG] First Batch of Battle Maison Videos

I'm done uploading everything interesting enough using that terrible team I just introduced. I didn't put many comments to what happaned on YouTube because YouTube is, with my resources, not the ideal platform for doing that. Thus, I'll do it just here and now, have fun.

Boring first video, pretty much, but it had to be done if I want to eventually get a full playlist of all the Chatelaines for those small people that, well, in fact need them, sort of. At least we get a bit of entertainment out of me not expecting the Wigglytuff to be Thunderbolting my Gyarados, let alone to death. Could have just gone Mega and I'd have been fine obviously, but I didn't do that because I simply expected Moonblast, which would be super effective on the Mega but neutral before. Well played, Wigglytuff.

Battle 41, pretty close to the goal already. And mad battles like this perfectly show that a team like this can only prevail under one condition: close to perfect planning. I obviously planned my battles just on the fly and that's why I look somewhat stupid again. Or in other words, even getting a measly 50 wins is a lot of luck if you have no clue what you are doing.

It starts with Vaporeon, one of those many bulky Water Pokémon that could always become obnoxious. I'm saving the Mega till my first turn of attacking to get hit by one Scald less, possibly, since Water/Dark should resist all that Vaporeon has and Water/Flying does not, and then I'd rather have the freeze than the burn. Worked out all right.

Now Ursaring is where the real fun starts. You know what Quick Claw does, and the fact that it has Cross Chop and hits it (I feel like they never miss inaccurate attacks unless they'd lose anyway) perfectly corrects the score and I have no real answer regardless. Don't want to bring Garchomp because I fear it wouldn't take Double-Edges, Mega Kicks or something very well and Lucario would be the only one to OHKO it without a setup. And there goes that, right out the window.

So it's set up Garchomp or bust, I'm assuming I can't afford to be Quick Clawed on my attacking turn. Turns out I am QC'd and crit at the same time there, lol, that is pretty good... Have to thank the new crit damage mechanic for one, but especially Ursaring not having a Normal STAB is big. Had I known that before, he would have to crit me twice to not inevitably lose, seeing the last mon... With how the actual battle goes, Sturdy is all that is needed to kill me for losing Lucario like that.

My very first legend trainer battle on this game, and it sure reminds me of why I hate them just as much as everyone else. I decide to not let that Zapdos get too many boosts, because if Garchomp doesn't beat it, no one beats it. Next in line is Latios, slow and doesn't even need Double Team to be insolent as fuck. Does even troll my attempts of playing as safely as possible very well, a hero. If last mon were, like, Suicune, it'd be most likely over. Fortunately it's only a Registeel that could potentially be very annoying as well, just not against this team. So maybe I did one thing right.

I am 25 and what is this. Landorus randomly (or to be accurate, unpredictedly) has a Choice Scarf and fucks me with it, then Tornadus randomly doesn't outspeed Garchomp and then physical Thundurus is a warrior. It's an easy battle once you know what tricks this bi...girl is playing on you. Just getting there is a lot harder, as the next videos show.

Yeah, when you just walk in and pray for good luck when you've already had your share of luck by getting 49 first try, this is what is supposed to happen eventually. Also note the Jolteon that would have fucked Gyarados at +1 anyway, then might have trolled Garchomp enough for Mienshao to finish and it's gg either way. Starting to get seriously fed up with the team right here, but I'll give it another chance.

Morpha XD, that's the nickname of the infamous Confuse Ray Milotic that haunted our offline scene ages ago, courtesy of Rebecca “Sanchan” W. I legit have no idea how I even got past that nuisance. Fun fact: XY gave Milotic a new Ability, and if we had seen that one right here, instant game over. (And I know for sure what I'm gonna play once the National Pokédex is free to be used in tournaments, haha.) Oh, but that's not even it. Having survived Milotic, I also have to deal with its ugly elder brother Gyarados, and this could straight up kill me. Well yeah, in the end it doesn't. I find it ironic how that set doesn't use the flinching STAB when it already has Thunder Wave, but I take it. Overall weird battle, really, this is the kind of matchup I expected to be losing to a lot at the team building stage. The truth is, I never did.

Dusknoir, I hate you, you always ruin all the fun. Still probably my favorite battle with this team.

Fucking Lopunny, man. I'm always very cautious when I see one, and sometimes they manage to troll me anyway. This is by no means a good battle, and if the AI were smarter, Seismitoad's inability to learn Ice Beam might have been the one thing that would save me from actually losing. I suggest Lopunny donate Ice Beam and Blizzard to Seismitoad (yes, Lopunny really gets them), Pokémon please.

Well, that might be the only fame dear Chesnaught ever gets from me, and it's still not much. The battle is mostly an example to where easy team building usually leads us – problems with mons we don't expect at all to ever have problems with, haha. In this battle, I basically had no idea what to do, ended up doing something and it barely worked out. Maybe I was a bit too greedy and shouldn't have lost Lucario, but don't know really, Aerodactyl should just kill it anyway with Earthquake should it come down to that. Oh, and keeping Garchomp as healthy as possible was very vital because of that same Aerodactyl, too! So, apart from the Chesnaught thing, this battle also delivers a good example for why I think Garchomp sucks, as in, it's way too likely for it to be eventually stopped rather than going the distance.

I'm losing it, pun intended.

And now I've seen entirely enough. Me Mega Evolving in fear of Thunder Fang or Stone Edge and being punished hard for it is one thing, and this pretty awesome RNG is another. Maximum sleep duration two times, Outrage minimum duration and a fucking confusion self-hit to end it all. What makes it worse, he would have actually needed one turn of sleep less each, had he just not that quirk to never Yawn only once. Well, I still don't know what that Hippo's fourth move is, but if it's nothing that can hurt Gyarados, chances are I actually have this in the bag when I don't Mega Evolve. Oh, and in case you're wondering why I Poison Jabbed: I just wanted Hippowdon to survive because it might situationally be a minor threat compared to whatever would be waiting for me in the back, and turns out I was right indeed. Also, please don't ask why I didn't Swords Dance a second time...

Anyway, enough is enough. That final loss just now was the final drop of motivation needed to try one of these bullshit setup teams again, when I can't even get the fucking 50 wins without one. That team and videos with it will also be the next I present to you here, but there will be a break of a few days because of other, more important things coming up. Take care.

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